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Unique subdomains of split into components

Harvested in April 2022

This is a dataset of unique subdomains within the domain. It was generated from this dataset using this notebook. The dataset is in CSV format, and contains the following columns:

Field Description
urlkey The full domain of the url in SURT (Sort-friendly URI Reordering Transform) format
number of pages The number of captures in the original dataset from this subdomain
0 First level domain – au
1 Second level domain – gov
2 Third level domain
3 Fourth level domain
4 Fifth level domain
5 Sixth level domain
6 Seventh level domain
7 Eighth level domain
8 Ninth level domain
9 Tenth level domain
domain The full domain name in conventional dot separated format

Download from CloudStor (2.4mb)

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Sherratt, Tim; Jackson, Andrew & Bickford, Jake. (2023). GLAM-Workbench/web-archives (version v1.2.0). Zenodo.

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