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Trove digitised maps – coordinates

Harvested 6 June 2024

This dataset was generated from the harvest of digitised maps metadata. Coordinate strings in the metadata (points and bounding boxes) were parsed and converted to decimal values.

The dataset is formatted as a CSV file and contains the following columns:

Column Contents
title title of the map
url url to the map in the digitised file viewer
coordinates map coordinates as a string, either a point or a bounding box (format is 'W--E/N--S', eg: 'E 130⁰50'--E 131⁰00'/S 12⁰30'--S 12⁰40')
latitude point from coordinates or centre of box
longitude point from coordinates or centre of box
north north bounds of box
south south bounds of box
east east bounds of box
west west bounds of box

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