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Display the results of a harvest as a searchable database using Datasette

Screen capture of Datasette

Datasette is 'a tool for exploring and publishing data'. Give it a CSV file and it turns it into a fully-searchable database, running in your browser. It supports facets, full-text search, and, with a bit of tweaking, can even present images. Although Datasette is a command-line tool, we can run from within a Jupyter notebook, and open a new window to display the results. This notebook shows you how to load the newspaper data you've harvested into Datasette, and start it up. If you've also harvested full-text and images from the newspaper articles, you can add these to your database as well!

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Sherratt, Tim. (2023). GLAM-Workbench/trove-newspaper-harvester (version v2.0.1). Zenodo.