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Trove maps

The Trove 'map' zone includes single maps, as well as map series, atlases, and aerial photographs. You can access metadata from the map zone through the Trove API.


Tips, tools, and examples

Exploring digitised maps in Trove

If you've ever poked around in Trove's 'map' zone, you might have noticed the beautiful deep-zoomable images available for many of the NLA's digitised maps. Even better, in many cases the high-resolution TIFF versions of the digitised maps are available for download. I knew there were lots of great maps you could download from Trove, but how many? And how big were the files? I thought I'd try to quantify this a bit by harvesting and analysing the metadata.


CSV formatted list of maps with high-resolution downloads

Harvested: 26 April 2019

This file provides metadata of 20,158 maps in Trove that have high-resolution downloads. You can download the CSV file, or browse the metadata using Google Sheets.

This file includes the following columns:

  • copyright_status - a string indicating the copyright status of the map
  • creators – pipe-separated list of contributors/creators
  • date – date of the map (format varies)
  • filesize – size in bytes
  • filesize_string – size as a human-readable string with unit
  • fulltext_url – link to the landing page of the digital version
  • height – height in pixels
  • title – title of the map
  • trove_id – digital object identifier
  • trove_url – link to the metadata record in Trove
  • width – width in pixels

Cite as

Sherratt, Tim. (2019, November 21). GLAM-Workbench/trove-maps (Version v0.1.0). Zenodo.