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Harvest of ABC Radio National metadata

Harvested: December 2023

The full harvest of ABC Radio National program metadata, containing more than 400,000 records. is available for download from GitHub in the following formats:

You can also download CSVs for individual programs:

Data fields

Any of the fields other than work_id and version_id might be empty, though in most cases there should at least be values for title, date, creator, contributor and isPartOf.

Column Contents
work_id identifier for the containing work in Trove (you can use this to create a url to the item)
version_id an identifier for the version within the work
title title for the program or segment
isPartOf name of the program this is a part of
date ISO formatted date
creator usually just the ABC
contributor a list of names of those involved, such as the host, reporter or guest
type list of types (not sure how this differa from format)
format list of formats (not sure how this differs from type)
abstract text providing a summary of the program or segment (may incude multiple values)
fulltext_url link to the page on the ABC website where you can find more information
thumbnail_url link to a related thumbnail image on the ABC website
notonline_url not sure...

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