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Finding faces in the Tribune negatives

Exploring mages from the Tribune negative collection in the State Library of NSW.

These notebooks were created for students in the Exploring Digital Heritage class at the University of Canberra.


Tools, tips, and examples

Finding faces in the Tribune collection

Using OpenCV for basic facial detection.

Finding all the faces in the Tribune collection

This notebook runs a facial detection script across the whole Tribune collection. It saves cropped versions of all the detected faces, and creates a data file recording the number of faces detected per image.

Exploring the face data

This notebook plays around with the data generated by running the facial detection script over the whole Tribune collection.

Make all the faces into one big image

Having extracted lots and lots of faces from the Tribune photos, I thought I'd combine them in one big image.

Interesting apps

Focus on faces

A little app that fades from faces to photos...

Screen capture