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Trove lists

Trove lists are user created collections of items. The details of public lists are available through the Trove API.


Tips, tools, and examples

Convert a Trove list into a CSV file

This notebook converts Trove lists into CSV files (spreadsheets). Separate CSV files are created for newspaper articles and works from Trove's other zones. You can also save the OCRd text, a PDF, and an image of each newspaper article.

Harvest summary data from Trove lists

Use the Trove API to harvest data about all public lists, then extract some summary data and explore a few different techniques to analyse the complete dataset.

Screen shot of word cloud


Trove lists metadata

Harvested: 20 September 2018

CSV formatted file containing the following fields:

  • created – date list created
  • id – list identifier
  • number_items – number of items in list
  • title – title of list
  • updated – date last updated

Cite as

Sherratt, Tim. (2019, November 21). GLAM-Workbench/trove-lists (Version v0.1.0). Zenodo.