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Museums Victoria collection

Museums Victoria provides access to its collection data through an API. No API key is required making it very easy to get started.

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Tips, tools, and examples

A random item from Museums Victoria's collections!

The Museums Victoria API includes a random sort option and a hasimages parameter. Putting these together we can easily create a random collection image viewer.

Screencap of random item notebook

Get a list of species records from the Museums Victoria collection

The Museums Victoria collection API accepts four recordtype values: 'article', 'item', 'species', and 'specimen'. In this notebook we'll build a simple harvester to download all the 'species' records.

Find how many specimens of each species are in the Museums Victoria collection

In another notebook we harvested a list of species from the Museum of Victoria using their collection API and saved the results as a CSV file. Here we'll search for specimens matching each of the species and save the total number of records.


In another notebook we discovered there are 2,883 Antechinus specimens in the Museum of Victoria. Let's see how many pictures we can find of them.

Thumbnails of Antechinus photos