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Find and explore Powerpoint presentations from a specific domain

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This notebook helps you find, download, and explore all the presentation files captured from a particular domain, like It includes a series of processing steps to: harvest capture data; remove duplicates from capture data and download files; convert Powerpoint files to PDFs; extract screenshots and text from the PDFs; save metadata, screenshots, and text into an SQLite database; open the SQLite db in Datasette for exploration. Here's an example of the SQLite database created by harvesting Powerpoint files from the domain, running in Datasette on Glitch.

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Sherratt, Tim; Jackson, Andrew & Bickford, Jake. (2023). GLAM-Workbench/web-archives (version v1.2.0). Zenodo.

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The Web Archives section of the GLAM Workbench is sponsored by the British Library.