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NLA oral histories metadata

Harvested: December 2023

This dataset contains metadata describing oral histories held by the National Library of Australia. The metadata was harvested from Trove and includes details of both digitised, and not digitised, oral histories.

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Data fields

Column Contents
title title of the oral history
contributor includes both interviewers and interviewees
publisher mostly empty but can include some publication details
date date the oral history was recorded
type for example performed music, spoken word
format for example Sound recording, online resource
extent usually number of files/reels/tapes, sometimes includes duration
language language of the recording
subject subjects of interview
spatial associated places (mostly using Library of Congress geographic area codes)
is_part_of collections or projects that this interview belongs to
identifier library identifiers
rights copyright and licensing information
work_url link to work record in Trove
work_type Trove work format, for example Sound/Interview, lecture, talk
fulltext_url link to audio player (if digitised)
fulltext_url_text text of link to audio player
catalogue_url link to NLA catalogue entry
summary text summary is available for download – 0 for no, 1 for yes
transcript text transcript is available for download – 0 for no, 1 for yes
sessions number of recording sessions
duration total duration of recordings (in seconds)

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