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Trove books

Trove's 'book' zone includes books (of course), but also ephemera (like pamphlets and leaflets) and theses. You can access metadata from the book zone through the Trove API.


Tips, tools, and examples

Harvesting the text of digitised books (and ephemera)

This notebook harvests metadata and OCRd text from digitised works in Trove's book zone. Results of the harvest are available below.

Counting words and phrases

This notebook provides a simple example of extracting word and ngram frequencies from the OCRd text of a digitised book using TextBlob and Wordcloud. The text is downloaded from the Cloudstor repository created by the full harvest of Trove digitised books.

Recipe generator

In this notebook we use TextBlob to extract nouns, verbs, and sentences from the OCRd text of a 19th century cookery book. We try to clean things up a bit, using regular expressions to discard likely OCR errors. Then we recombine the various parts in random combinations to create delicious recipes for all occasions. Enjoy!

Screenshot of recipe generator results

Metadata for Trove digitised works

In poking around to try and find a way of automating the download of OCR text from Trove's digitised books, I discovered that there's lots of useful metadata embedded in the page of a digitised work. Most of this metadata isn't available through the Trove API.

Getting the text of Trove books from the Internet Archive

Previously I've harvested the text of books digitised by the National Library of Australia and made available through Trove. But it occured to me it might be possible to get the full text of other books in Trove by making use of the links to the Open Library.

Exploring the Digitised Books Collection from Trove by Adel Rahmani

This notebook explores the 9,738 text files from digitised books available below. Adel notes: 'A particular feature of this book collection is that it is multilingual, therefore I'll be focusing a bit on that, and on the use of the topic model to figure out what the collection is about.'

Data and text

OCRd text from Trove books and ephemera

Harvested: 20 July 2020

I've harvested 24,620 files of OCRd text from digitised books and ephemera using the notebook above. You can browse the full collection in CloudStor. There's about 3.3gb in total. You can also download them all as a 1.1 gb zip file.

Previous harvests:

CSV formatted list of books with OCRd text

Harvested: 20 July 2020

This file provides metadata of 27,367 works in the Trove book zone that have OCRd text for download. You can download the CSV file.

This file includes the following columns:

  • children – pipe-separated ids of any child works
  • contributors – pipe-separated names of contributors
  • date – publication date
  • form – work format
  • fulltext_url – link to the digitised version
  • language – main language of the work
  • pages – number of pages
  • parent – id of parent work (if any)
  • rights – copyright status
  • text_downloaded – file name of the downloaded OCR text
  • text_file – True/False is there any OCRd text
  • title – title of the work
  • trove_id – unique identifier
  • url – link to the metadata record in Trove
  • volume – volume/part number

OCRd text from the Internet Archive of 'Australian' books listed in Trove

I've harvested 1,513 text files from the Internet Archive of 'Australian' books listed in Trove using the notebook above. Trove's 'Australian content' filter was used to try to limit the results to books published in, or about, Australia. However, this is not always accurate and some of the harvested works don't seem to have an Australian connection. You can browse the collection in CloudStor.

CSV formatted list of 'Australian' books in Trove with full text versions in the Internet Archive

Harvested: 24 May 2019

This file includes metadata of 1,511 'Australian' books listed in Trove that have freely available text versions in the Internet Archive. You can download the CSV file, or browse the metadata using Google Sheets.

This file includes the following columns:

  • creators – pipe-separated list of creators
  • date – publication date
  • ia_formats – pipe-separated list of file formats available from the Internet Archive (these can be downloaded from the IA)
  • ia_id – Internet Archive identifier
  • ia_url – link to more information in the Internet Archive
  • ol_id – Open Library identifier
  • publisher – publisher
  • text_filename – name of the downloaded text file
  • title – title of the book
  • trove_url – link to more information in Trove
  • version_id – Trove version identifier
  • work_id – Trove work identifier

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Sherratt, Tim. (2019, November 21). GLAM-Workbench/trove-books (Version v0.1.0). Zenodo.