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CSV formatted list of Trove books available in digital form

Harvested: August 2021

This file provides metadata of 42,174 works in the Trove book zone that are available in digital form.

Download the CSV file

The CSV file includes the following columns:

Column Contents
title title of the work
url link to the metadata record in Trove
contributors pipe-separated names of contributors
date publication date
format the type of work, eg 'Book' or 'Government publication', can have multiple values (pipe-separated)
fulltext_url link to the digital version
trove_id unique identifier of the digital version
language main language of the work
rights copyright status
pages number of pages
form work format, generally one of 'Book', 'Multi volume book', or 'Digital publication'
volume volume/part number
children pipe-separated ids of any child works
parent id of parent work (if any)
text_downloaded file name of the downloaded OCR text
text_file True/False is there any OCRd text

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Sherratt, Tim. (2019). GLAM-Workbench/trove-books (version v0.1.0). Zenodo.