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Editorial cartoons from The Bulletin, 1886 to 1952


The language, images, and ideas presented in The Bulletin were often racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist. You won't have to look far within this collection to find something offensive. This was, after all, the journal whose slogan for many years was 'Australia for the white man'.

The Bulletin, 13 October 1888, p. 1

This dataset includes a collection of 3,471 full-page editorial cartoons downloaded from issues of The Bulletin published between 1886 and 1952. In most cases there is one cartoon per issue. Metadata describing each image is available in a CSV-fromatted file, and in an SQLite database that can be explored using Datasette-Lite. The full collection of high-resolution images can be downloaded as a single 62gb zip file.

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date harvested2024-03-19
file size1.9 MB
number of rows3,472

Download from GitHub


name type description
id string NLA identifier for the page image containing the cartoon
date date date the issue was published
issue_number string publication issue number
issue_id string NLA identifier for the issue
page integer number of the page containing the cartoon
url string url to open the page in Trove's digitised object viewer
download_image string url to download a high-resolution page image
text string OCRd text extracted from the page


date harvested2024-03-19
file size3.5 MB

This is an SQLite database formatted for use with Datasette-Lite. As well as metadata from the bulletin-editorial-cartoons.csv file it includes a thumbnail column to display the cartoon.

Download from GitHub

date harvested2024-03-14
file size62.3 GB

This dataset contains high-resolution images of 3,471 full-page editorial cartoons harvested from The Bulletin, 1886 to 1952.

The names of each image file provide useful contextual metadata. For example, the file name 19330412-2774-nla.obj-606969767-7.jpg tells you:

  • 19330412 – the cartoon was published on 12 April 1933
  • 2774 – it was published in issue number 2774
  • nla.obj-606969767 – the Trove identifier for the issue, can be used to make a url eg
  • 7 – on page 7


Context of creation

date harvested2024-03-19
notebookFinding editorial cartoons in the Bulletin

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