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Editorial cartoons from The Bulletin, 1886 to 1952

Harvested: 9 May 2019

The Bulletin, 13 October 1888, p. 1

Using this notebook I downloaded at least one full page editorial cartoon for every issue of The Bulletin from 4 September 1886 to 17 September 1952. In total there are 3,471 images (approximately 60gb).

The names of each image file provide useful contextual metadata. For example, the file name 19330412-2774-nla.obj-606969767-7.jpg tells you:

Fragment Meaning
19330412 the cartoon was published on 12 April 1933
2774 it was published in issue number 2774
nla.obj-606969767 the Trove identifier for the issue, can be used to make a url eg
7 on page 7

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Other options

To make it easier to browse the images, I've compiled them into a series of PDFs – one PDF for each decade. The PDFs include lower resolution versions of the images together with their publication details and a link to Trove. They're all available from DropBox:

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